About WCDS

The Western Canada Dental Society is a non-profit charitable organization that uses its annual Seminar and Curling Bonspiel to raise money which provides scholarships and bursaries to dental students in the four western provinces.


Cliff Swanlund, Past President – Alberta
Diane Kjorven, President – British Columbia
Rahul Sas, Vice President – Manitoba
Eric Knouse, Vice President – Saskatchewan
Dave McLeod, Vice President – Alberta
Rafi Mohammed, Secretary/Treasurer

Life Members

1987 Ross McIntyre
1990 Steve Yaholnitsky
1994 Ted Derrett
1995 Fred Wihak
1996 Vern Jones
1997 Drs. Elgin Duke, Rennie Bradley & Terry Donovan
1999 Drs. Roger Stephen & Randy Anotoniuk
2000 Dr. Mo Steen
2001 Drs. Tony Hayward & Gene Solmundson
2002 Dr. Ted Phenix
2003 Drs. Moe Steen & John Aitken
2005 Drs. Bernie White & Dale Graham & Ken Strong
2006 Bon Dunigan, Mike Shewchuk & Ric Taillon
2007 Rolly Nystrom
2008 Kardy Solmundson
2013 Diane Kjorven
2014 Jack Braun
2015 Dr. Tom Swanlund
2017 Dr. Al Gras and Dr. John Thompson