Annual Bonspiel

Our annual Curling Bonspiel attracts between 100 and 140 dentists from all over Western Canada and follows a rotation through the seven major Western cities. It brings together old friends, creates many new friends and provides a venue for the sharing of new ideas and experiences.

  1. The Seminar and Curling Bonspiel is to be held annually, if possible.  The rotation for bonspiels is:
    2018 Regina
    2019 Victoria
    2020 Edmonton
    2021 Kelowna
    2022 Winnipeg
    2023 Saskatoon
    2024 Calgary
    2025 Victoria
    2026 Regina
    2027 Edmonton
    The Society Executive will appoint a Seminar & Curling Chairman from each selected location and he/she will be responsible for the planning and administration of the local bonspiel.
  2. The Society Executive Member in the province where the bonspiel is held will be responsible for:
    • Co-operating with the Curling Chairman and the local committee and to inform them of the Society Guidelines and Executive recommendations;
    • Arranging for and, if possible, to chair a skip’s meeting at the Bonspiel in their province and to report to the Society’s Executive regarding recommendations and suggestions coming from the skip’s meeting.
  3. One year in advance of each bonspiel, the Society Treasurer will forward an accountable advance of $3,000.00 to the local Curling Chairman. This advance is to be used as a contingency fund to assist with start up costs and should not be included in preparing a balanced budget. The $3,000.00 advance, along with all surplus funds remaining after the Bonspiel are to be returned to the Society Treasurer as soon after the Bonspiel as possible. Any suggestions for use of surplus funds must be made by the Bonspiel Committee to the Society Executive for its consideration and action.
  4. The local committee will not solicit extra grants from any provincial dental association (or college), but may accept financial help in the form of a sponsored social event.
  5. Contributions may be solicited from commercial sources to be used by the local committee as it deems appropriate.
  6. The desirability and necessity of obtaining liability insurance to cover the hotel and/or curling premises should be determined by each curling chairman.  If coverage is necessary, the Society will pay the premium.
  7. The trophies will be awarded in the following manner:
    #1 Event – WCDS Cal Waddell Memorial Trophy
    #2 Event – Preceding host province trophy
    #3 Event – Succeeding host province trophy
    #4 Event – Province trophy not in #2, #3 or #5
    #5 Event – Host province trophy
  8. Arrangements must be made in sufficient time to ensure that all master trophies are available for presentation.  Also suitable arrangements must be made for engraving the winner’s names on the trophies and then forwarding the trophies to the succeeding Seminar & Curling Chairman.
  9. At least two months prior to his/her bonspiel, the Curling Chairman will contact each Provincial Association office to determine how they wish to handle the purchase of their trophy replicas which are given to the trophy winners.
  10. Where possible, the master trophies should be displayed at dental meetings for publicity purposes.
  11. This is primarily a bonspiel for dentists but allied personnel should be welcomed to participate.  There must be a minimum of 2 dentists on each participating rink and the rink must be skipped by a dentist who throws last rocks.
  12. Rinks from provinces that are not members of the Society will be accepted but if necessary, rinks from member provinces should be given priority.
  13. When the location time, dates and entry fees have been determined, the Provincial Association Secretaries should be advised and asked to send this information to their members.  A list of past rinks and participants has been established and a direct mailing of entry forms should be made to them.  Any further mailings or publicity is at the discretion of the local committee.
  14. The Seminar and Bonspiel Chairperson has the authority to consider incentives to encourage participation in the event.  As examples of what might be considered, a Chairperson may allow one team of recent graduates (from the host province, who has never attended the meeting) to participate fully without paying the registration fee; and a dentist who has been a regular participant (but recently retired from practice and not working) may pay one-half of the registration fee to be a fully participating member in the event.  The cost of these incentives would be borne by the General Account and not the host city’s meeting budget.
  15. Receipts and a confirmation of acceptance into the bonspiel should be sent out by the organizers once the registration form is received with the entry fee from a team.
  16. It is the responsibility of each team to present a complete team to curl.  Although the organizers may assist with finding replacements, it is not their responsibility to find replacements.  For teams that are entering 5 members to curl, it will be up to the Chairman to determine what costs would be incurred by having an additional person on a team but as a suggestion 50% of the registration fee for that 5th person would be appropriate.  The prize committee would only be responsible for providing four prizes to any team winning an event.  Local organizing committees are encouraged to seek the participation of dental students and corporate sponsorship for their registration fee or consider a suitable discount for that fee.
  17. No team withdrawing with less than 3 week’s notice will be given any refund as the organizers must commit to the hotel and curling rink for the number they expect by at least that date.
  18. As a policy, a maximum of 30% of the total entry fee income may be spent on the purchase of prizes.
  19. The time, location, format, educational component and social activities will be the local committee’s choice, taking into account such factors as ice availability, conflict with dental meetings and other events.
  20. Room accommodation should be obtained as near as possible to the rink location.  If possible arrangements should be made to have local people drive visitors to and from the rink.
  21. Draws should be arranged so there is a minimum of wasted time for the curlers.  Draw chairman should work to having an even number of teams competing in order to best facilitate draws and avoid more extra series games.
  22. Arrangements should be made to have photographs taken of event winners and their trophies and also of other bonspiel highlights.  Copies of these should be placed in the Society Curling Album and be made available to the Provincial Associations for information and publicity.
  23. During each Bonspiel, a properly conducted meeting of all skips or their representatives should be held at the most convenient time.  This will be chaired by the Society Executive member from the host province.  The purpose is to discuss suggestions for improvements in the bonspiel.  The Society Executive member will take these suggestions in the form of recommendations to a Society Executive Meeting.
  24. A Society Executive Meeting will be held following the skip’s meeting where the above recommendations will be presented.  Both the current Seminar & Curling Chairman and the Chairman from the succeeding bonspiel are to be present to give reports at the Executive Meeting about numbers, income, expenses and budget considerations.
  25. The Seminar & Curling Chairman and the local committee must compile a comprehensive report for the Society Executive as soon as reasonable following their bonspiel.  This would include problems, finances, list of event winners and any suggestions for the next chairman.