Through the support of the WCDS over $25,000 of scholarships, prizes and awards are awarded annually to undergraduate and graduate dental students attending one of four Western Canadian Universities with a Dental Program – The University of Manitoba, The University of Saskatchewan, The University of Alberta and The University of British Columbia.

The WCDS $1,500 Dr. Cal Waddell Scholarship is awarded to one dental student in each of the four Western Canadian Dental Schools going into the final year of the dental program. The student selected should be someone who will likely be a leader in organized dentistry upon graduation. The selection is done by the dental faculty.


2020 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Daniella Battaglia

  • University of Saskatchewan - Dylan Jackle

  • University of Alberta - Eleanor Leach

  • University of British Columbia - Jordan Galpin

2019 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Nina Cianflone

  • University of Saskatchewan - Kristen Kezar

  • University of Alberta - Arleen Schmidt

  • University of British Columbia - Emily Phillips

2018 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Kolby Rieger

  • University of Saskatchewan - Abrahim Khaleghi

  • University of Alberta - Travis MacLean

  • University of British Columbia - Brianne Henderson

2017 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Natasha Holder

  • University of Saskatchewan - Jessie Zoorkan

  • University of Alberta - Henry J Yeung

  • University of British Columbia - Thomas Hoos

2016 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Christopher Ward

  • University of Saskatchewan - Jennifer Bozek

  • University of Alberta - Vanessa Shewchuk

  • University of British Columbia - Amanda Sigouin

2015 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Jeffrey Bassey

  • University of Saskatchewan - Brock Wilde

  • University of Alberta - Stephanie McCorkill

  • University of British Columbia - Katja McBee

2014 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Manon Foidart

  • University of Saskatchewan - Ullas Kapoor

  • University of Alberta - Nicholas Teoh

  • University of British Columbia - Minhee Kim

2013 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Allison Simpson

  • University of Saskatchewan - Kale Wudrich

  • University of Alberta - Reid Friesen

  • University of British Columbia - Danielle Coulson

2012 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Joanna McQuarrie

  • University of Saskatchewan - Amy Leclerc

  • University of Alberta - Danielle Tingley

  • University of British Columbia - Flore‐Anne Foellmi

2011 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Jordan Gigliotti

  • University of Saskatchewan - Megan Gratton

  • University of Alberta - Brian Zwicker

  • University of British Columbia - Ersilia Coccaro

2010 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Adam Agpalza

  • University of Saskatchewan - No Recipient

  • University of Alberta - No Recipient

  • University of British Columbia - Oxana Korj

2009 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Ryan Head

  • University of Saskatchewan - Angela Ash

  • University of Alberta - Darsi Perusini

  • University of British Columbia - Michelle Lauwers

2008 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Kiet Do

  • University of Saskatchewan - Amanda Uzelman

  • University of Alberta - Praneet Mehta

  • University of British Columbia - Michael LeClair

2007 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Gurpreet Gill

  • University of Saskatchewan - Devon Anholt

  • University of Alberta - Amy K. Ellett

  • University of British Columbia - Kirk Charles Sutton

2006 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Matthew Saper

  • University of Saskatchewan - Jennifer Ficzycz

  • University of Alberta - Christina Matrangolo

  • University of British Columbia - Jordan Nottle

2005 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba - Christopher Dennis

  • University of Saskatchewan - Stephen Goth

  • University of Alberta - Derek B. Nordstrom

  • University of British Columbia - Mark Floro Casafrancisco

The $1,500 WCDS Student Fellowship Award was established in 2018. This scholarship is awarded annually* to one dental student in each of the four dental schools who has completed their third year of an undergraduate degree program in Dentistry. The recipient will be selected on the basis of professionalism, friendship, leadership, ability to bring colleagues together, camaraderie, sportsmanship and who is of a character which may be expected to make a distinguished contribution to the Dental Profession and Community. The selection is made by the dental faculty.

 2020 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba* - Not Awarded

  • University of Saskatchewan - Miles Kinch

  • University of Alberta - Sama Banaei

  • University of British Columbia - Stella Li

2019 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba* - Madison Flamand & Daniella Battaglia

  • University of Saskatchewan - Ryan Turple

  • University of Alberta - Arleen Schmidt

  • University of British Columbia - Raphael Samaniego

2018 Recipients:

  • University of Manitoba* - Not Awarded

  • University of Saskatchewan - Joshua Rae

  • University of Alberta - Travis MacLean

  • University of British Columbia - Not Awarded


*University of Manitoba awards $3000 every second year.



The Western Canada Dental Society also has the honour of supporting several Scholarships and Award Endowments for undergraduate and graduate dental students at the four Western Canadian Universities with Dental programs. These endowed awards are listed below.


University of Manitoba

$1000 WCDS Graduate Student Scholarship

  • Recognition of high achievement in academic and research activity at the graduate level. It is awarded to a full-time graduate student in the Faculty of Dentistry who is registered for an advanced degree.


$1000 Dr. John W. Clay Medal and Prize

  • Awarded to a dental student who has attained the highest overall average in the four years of the Dentistry Program.


$6,600 Dr. John W. Clay Scholarship

  • Awarded to a graduate or a full-time member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Dentistry pursuing post-graduate studies at an approved institution and planning to return to a full-time position on the academic staff upon completion.


University of Saskatchewan

$1000 WCDS Bursary

  • Awarded to a dental student in financial need.


$1,100 Dr. Walter F. Hancock Scholarship

  • Awarded to an undergraduate dental student. Selection based be on academic and/or clinical excellence as determined by the College faculty.


University of Alberta

$1000 WCDS Research Award

  • Awarded every second year to an undergraduate or convocating student in Dentistry who has demonstrated an interest in research.


$5,600 MH Garvin Scholarship

  • Open to an undergraduate in the Department of Dentistry or graduates of the most recent year, to encourage study or research. Awards will be based on academic standing, professional and personal qualifications and financial need.


University of British Columbia

$1000 WCDS Leadership Scholarship

  • The award is offered to a dental student who has completed first year in the Faculty of Dentistry who has demonstrated leadership qualities.


$1000 WCDS Scholarship

  • The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Dentistry to a dental student who attains an outstanding academic record in second year.